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What Is This All About?

The goal of the Reliquary is to showcase and document the relics of history that I have collected, allowing others to see and study them as well as to share what I am able to find out about them. Despite a keen interest in history, I am not a trained scholar. Nor am I a linguist or handwriting expert. But I do enjoy learning about the past and trying to understand where we have been. Each relic represents a small window into our history - a receipt for something that has actually occured.

While all variety of artifacts will be showcased, my focus is on old original documents. Even allowing for the lies or errors that may taint a document, having something written is the closest we'll come to actually understanding the actions and motivations of the people that lived before us. These documents are also sometimes the only window into the lives of people considered historically unimportant. Their lives haven't been documented in books about history, exceptin the aggregate. These are the normal, everyday people that actually define a period.

I have already investigated some of these documents and done some translating. I plan on continuing this work over time, and everything that I have learned will be shared here. If a document or artifact interests you, check back to see if anything more has been learned. Where there are watermarks or other difficult-to-see details, I have tried to include a contrast enhanced photo that shows the detail.

While the Reliquary is meant to be an informal showcase, some documents and artifacts have historical significance of some kind, or relate to a person or event that is historically remembered. I want other people to be able to use these artifacts in their own studies, so I have taken high resolution scans and photos of most of the items. These will be made available seperately, over time, in zipped archives on Google Drive. When these resources become available for a particular artifact, a download link will appear on that page.

More To Come!

The first batch of documents is fully imaged and loaded for browsing, with some information in the title and tags for each document. Additional documents and artifacts still need to be imaged, and will be added as they become ready.

Existing items will also see further development over time. Information about each artifact, it's meaning and relevance, and the history surrounding it will be added to each page as this information is discovered and verified. In this context, the Reliquary should be viewed as a perpetual work in progress, with the end goal being a full exposition of as many artifacts as possible.