Advertising Policy does not sell advertising or accept payment to publish brand spots or to feature content in the magazine. The "ads" that you see on magazine pages are unsolicited spots selected for display on case-by-case basis. There is no way for anyone to request one of these spots. They will always be made easy to distinguish from the main content. Currently, they appear in the sidebar or, on mobile, at the bottom of a page.

There are many reasons that a brand or product might be featured. I might like what they're making, doing or selling and think that more people should see it. I may admire a visible stand of leadership taken on an issue I feel is important, like freedom, and therefore seek to help support the people taking these stands by featuring their brand, products or services. At times, I may feature a brand, product or service simply because I believe readers might find it interesting.

Whatever my reasons, if you are one of the parties being spotlighted, congratulations! Something you have done has caught my attention, in a good way. While this is not a high-traffic site, I have faith in my ability to send at least a few interested people your way. I know from experience that every little bit helps, and nothing whatsoever is asked in return.

As this policy represents a significant departure from the traditional role of advertising on website, a few important points should be noted. I should just say "Make no assumptions" and be done with it, but here they are for the people that need everything spelled out.

This policy remains in force as long as it remains posted intact. Should any changes be made to how advertising on this site functions, this policy will be updated with the changes and the new expectations.

Endorsement of or site content and authors is not implied and should not be inferred by the inclusion of a product, brand or service on our site. I try to give a "heads-up" to let people know I'm featuring their work, but this is not always possible and will not necessarily be seen. People are very busy. I do not assume they know and approve of who I am or this site or the things I publish, and neither should you.

I will remove or modify any spot by explicit request of the party in control of the brand, product or service being highlighted. I understand there are reasons this may need to happen at times, and I am sensitive to that. My aim is to help, not to harm.

Since no advertising is ever sold, the dollar value of these spots is precisely $0.00. There is no exchange, no consideration in kind for any service whatsoever. Therefore there are no liabilities or obligations incurred by any party. Spots for a particular brand, product or service may be removed at any time for any reason, with no consideration due in return.

The inclusion of a brand, product or service does NOT imply that I approve or agree with everything that every person associated with that brand, product or service has ever said or done over the course of their entire lives. Somehow this seems to be the default position taken by many people in our times, despite the silliness of the proposition. Were this to be the case, I could only ever promote my own brands, products and services as I am the only person I agree with 100% on everything. What a boring and stupid world that would be to live in.

As with all things, the best policy for a buyer towards any purchase is caveat emptor. I try to highlight brands, products and services that I believe have value. But I could be wrong, or I might miss something. Do your research before spending money, seeking help should you need it from others whose knowledge and insight you trust. Get a second opinion, or a third. Be sure of what you are purchasing, and never spend more than you can afford to lose.

I can understand why a good number of people wish to live in a world where this would not be the default. Life would indeed be simpler if everyone just told the truth and if everything were clear and easy to understand. But that is not the world we live in and, due to the cost it would toll to get there, not a world I would wish to live in. So please... protect your interests, and remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. does not use 3rd party advertising services of any kind.