Welcome to the first edition of a new column exclusive to LoggiaOnFire Magazine; That's What He Said: From The Desk of Rob Loggia. The natural thing to do would be to describe to you, the potential reader, what this column will offer you. However, you are not the primary beneficiary - I am. So that won't do. Instead, let's discuss what this column will do for me.

In addition to being the publisher of LoggiaOnFire Magazine, I am also the primary contributor of content. Regular readers - all five of you - know what to expect because most of the content follows the same general guidelines. Each of the magazine's sections - freedom, cryptocurrency, technology and culture - are meant to provide a collection of long form articles relevant to the section. Articles are typically between 800-1200 words and the subject has been researched with links provided to reference material. These articles take time to research, time to write, and time to prepare for publishing. It is a lot for one man to handle, especially considering that I also wrote and maintain the software that manages the process for me. And you thought I was just another pretty face.

LoggiaOnFire Magazine started life as a political blog, called Vote The Protest. And even as the format shifted to provide more informative content, opinion still played a role in the presentation. I firmly believe that opinion is an important aspect of any discussion. If we try to remove it completely, something is lost. We have no window to the future, only the past and a portion of the present. For every statement about future events is an opinion. Every single one, and we should not conflate the fact that some of these opinions are data supported with the notion that these opinions are themselves factual. They are not; they can never be.

Lying about it, which is what most people appear to do, doesn't help either. Biases and opinions play a role in nearly everything we think, say and write as human beings. So I am wary of sources claiming to be devoid of opinion or bias of any kind. Usually this statement actually indicates either a lack of self-awareness or rank dishonesty, or both. Ans yes, this assessment in my estimation covers most if not all of the mainstream media, whose biases and agendas play so much into the shaping of our society and groupthink. So rather than claim to have eliminated these taints, I have chosen to embrace them even when my goal is to inform, as it is with most of my feature articles.

That being said, I feel the need once again to fully remove the shackles and write from the heart, on a wider variety of subjects than fit neatly into 4 categories. The world is changing, and changing so quickly that no living person can hope to understand what is actually happening, how it is happening and where it is leading. One thing I do know is that the perspective from which I view the world is sorely underrepresented in the corpus of published opinion. Vote The Protest had one mission - to add such a voice to the few that exist. With this column, I am looking to do so once again. My goal is to capture as much of my perspective as possible and pour it out onto the page. If nothing else, it will be something for my daughter to read in the future, a record of what matters to me more than anything - trying to understand what is happening and working to shape the future. Perhaps it will also help some others to see some ideas in a new light.

The primary benefit to doing it this way is speed. The software that supports this column is greatly simplified from the regular Magazine code. Even something seemingly simple like the artwork for a feature article adds at least an hour to the process. Other simplifications in the workflow, combined with a new ultraportable laptop that is easy for me to carry about, means that it will take a lot less time and effort to publish these columns. This will hopefully lead to more fresh content for the site, and at a faster rate more in tune with the frenetic pace of world events.

You, the reader, are forewarned to expect no favor or even value. This column is my playground, my soap box and my laboratory. One obvious goal is to reach an audience, but I will not make any promises or compromises in order to do so. I will try to keep it entertaining, but my function is not to entertain you. Similarly, it is not a goal for this column to inform, but rather to share ideas for the reader to consider and explore. There will likely be more questions than answers, but that is OK. There is often more wisdom to be found in exploring questions than there is in convincing ourselves we've found the answer.

I have no doubt that there will be people that are insulted or angered by some of what I write. That is inevitable for a very important reason. My assessment of the mainstream body of thought is, on most subjects, very negative. Mainstream ideas, many of which perpetuate the situation of the world we must share, would not be the mainstream if many, many people didn't hold them. The chances are pretty good that you, too, are infected with at least some of them. To those people that choose to cling to them rather than question their assumptions and consider alternatives, I can only say: see you at the finish line. I do not aim to convince you - a nearly impossible task in most cases. But put yourself on notice that I am working to defeat you by reaching genuinely open minded people that seek to evolve painfully rather than stagnate in comfort. If it makes you feel any better, you can view my content disclaimer, which makes clear the weight I attach to my own insights and opinions. I allow that I might be mistaken on everything.

So this should be a wild ride, and I am looking forward to it. I have grown accustomed to toiling behind layers of self-imposed restrictions when writing. It is somewhat daunting to be this close to the page - one feels exposed and I have no doubt that someone, somewhere will find material with which to ridicule me within these pages to come. But that is a risk I am willing to take, and to be honest I don't take myself all that seriously anyhow. So have at it. For the rest of you, those kindred spirits engaged on a journey of understanding and actively seeking truth and wisdom in a world filled with stupidity, illusions and lies: salutations. Enjoy the column, and may the road rise to meet you.

Rob Loggia

Rob Loggia is the founder of LoggiaOnFire Magazine. He has been published in the International Business Times UK, Digital Trends and on numerous online blogs and platforms.

Smoking is permitted everywhere.

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