Dear John,

What's the best drug?


That's like asking me what's the best clothes.

For what?

The Bahamas? Siberia? A sailing cruise?

What is your goal? What are you trying to achieve through the drug? Enhanced sex? Introspection? A religious experience? Studying for an exam? Increased awareness?

Or maybe just plain fun, and even then ... what kind of fun? The kind where you wake up in the morning with no clue why you're wearing high heels and a dog collar? The kind you have by watching a ball game with friends? The kind you get riding a four wheeler alone in the woods, or a jet ski on the open ocean.........?

There are literally hundreds of drugs and thousands of combinations that can give you experiences ranging from being kissed by God to listening to the sound of the pulse of the Universe, or experiencing yourself as the opposite sex.

I cannot answer them all, but here are some guidelines for beginners:

Hallucinogenic experiences:

LSD, DMT, Schrooms, Ayahuasca, Peyote ... the usual. If, however, you want to experience the God of hallucinogens, try Methylenedioxypyrovalerone - the only known drug to evoke both tactile and auditory hallucinations.

First time I took it I was standing in line at the bank and actually felt, fully and completely, a woman giving me head and I could clearly hear her gobbling and choking.

Looked down. No-one there. Just a massive erection.

But be careful with MDPV --- the most powerful and dangerous drug ever designed.

For empathogenic experiences of loving the world and all in it, use one or more of the Entactogens:

MDMA, 6-APB, Methalone, a-ET, MDAI, a-MT ........

For enhanced sex:

Well .... MDPV, a-PBP and a-PhP will take you to a level that defies explanation and a place you never dreamed existed in the realm of sex. Be fucking prepared.


Too many to list here. Start with amphetamines washed down with espresso and work your way up from there.

There is way too much to say and discuss in this short reply. If you truly want to become a member the Society of Psychonauts, go onto and hang out for a few months. It will change your life.

And drop all of your preconceptions, fears, hang-ups and judgements.

Heroin, for example, though it cannot possibly be recommended, was the only drug to show me what it felt like to be kissed by God.

Tread with care in this realm of mighty tools, weapons, magical transport and dangerous temptations.


John Mcafee


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