Dear John,

Mr. McAfee. I really want to know your answer. Do you believe in God?


Well ... my question to you would be: Which would you prefer to believe?

If your life would be more comfortable, meaningful or joyful if God (A supreme, intelligent creator) existed, then I can certainly help you.

Look around you.

Life, in all of it's glorious complexity - constantly moving, shifting, growing, transforming ....

There are symbiotic species on this planet that cannot survive without each other - miracles of creation.

There are fish, spawned thousands of miles inland who find their way to the sea, swim hundreds of thousands of miles in open ocean and eventually find their way back to their birthplace.

Butterfles migrate thousands of miles - millions of them - and somehow they all begin their migration on the same day.

The beauty, synchronicity and complexity of life makes a Swiss watch look like the splattering of rain on mud by comparison.

Yet, if you were to discover a Swiss watch while excavating, or exploring, would you not have to admit that an intelligent being had to have constructed it? No human could possibly deny this fact.

Does God exist? Of course there's a fucking God! Only an idiot could deny this fact!!!!!

Now then ....

If you would rather not believe in God for whatever reasons - your life would be more comfortable, more free, more joyful ... whatever, then I can certainly help you.

Arguments for the existence of a God rely heavily on the observed complexity and order in the living world.

Utter fucking hogwash!

Molecular biology and the laws of evolution make those ridiculous arguments seem like a third grader's essay on "political intrigue".

Let me tell you about Charles Darwin's chapter on the evolution of the "eye" - by far the most complex of all organs - in his seminal work: "Evolution by means of natural selection".

He begins with single cell, sightless organisms, and builds, step by step - through a sophisticated, profoundly beautiful sequence of incontrovertibly true processes - to the eye of a hawk, leaving the reader breathless with the profundity of an epiphany undreamed of in the minds of those clouded by the veil of religious belief.

Is there a God? Impossible when asked in the light of objective truth. Only an idiot could deny this fact.

I hope this has helped. Pick the one that suits you best and enjoy.

John Mcafee


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