Dear John,

I can't live anymore. I don't know what to do. There's nothng left to live for. I'm reaching out to you as my last hope.


I gotcha.

Well ..... there are two possibilities here .....

First .... you are terminally ill, or similar, and are in excruciating, unending pain. You want to end it.

If this is truly the case, I am fully with you on this my friend and whatever help I can give you I will.

Now then ... your mental problem, I know full well, is your fear of those final minutes or seconds during which you are exiting -- as Shakespeare said: "We oft bear those ills that we have rather than flee to those we know not of".


You've reached out to the right man.

A Heroin overdose, according to those who didn't quite succeed, is the ultimate way to exit this burden of dreams.

Yes ... it does in fact, from the observer's viewpoint, look horrific. But the subjective experience, I have been told personally by those who came back, is a bliss that passeth human understanding.

I'm opening my Twitter DM to you. If you can convince me that this is your situation, I will arrange, I promise you, for a gentleman to personally deliver a package to you and who will sit with you and explain the trivial procedure of accomplishing your goal.

May your exit be monumental.

Now then .... possibility number two:

You are massively depressed, emotionally destroyed, angry, lost, alone .... all of the above and more .... and you want to put a bullet in your head, jump head first from the 30th floor of a building or put a grenade in your mouth and pull the pin.

Been there.

Well my friend .... let me explain something to you:

You just won the fucking lottery!!!!

Now hear me out.

If you look at your situation in the right way, you will see that you have just become a God among men.

Think about it now ... you no longer have anything to lose -- you're free. You no longer give a flying fuck. You can do any God damned thing you want!

Hell yeah!!!

Wow .. like those wingsuit Mofo's - you know the ones - wearing those flying squirrel looking outfits and zooming just inches from cliffs and soaring down mountains.

Fuck ME dude!!! Gotta be the greatest thrill in the world. What a fucking way to go out. Might not even kill yourself first time. You can hop back in that plane and do it again.

Or no .. no ..wait ... oh this is good ....

Think about all things you ever wanted to do but never had the courage to follow through with. Well ... You ain't afraid now are you dude?

Have a friend drive you naked through town in the back if a pickup and piss on every traffic cop you see.

Or ... or ... oh yes, this is good ... that chick that you've always known wanted you and you wanted her but you were too clumsy and shy to initiate anything? Yes ... that one. Run up to her fucking apartment, bang on the fucking door and when she opens it grab her, push her up against the wall and fuck her eight ways from Sunday.

Do every fucking thing you ever wanted to do.

Take your time.

Revel in being a God among men.

And thank you for contacting me. Nothing I like better than helping folks. I'm always here for you.

And my DM will work even if your not dying from cancer:)

In case you still need it.

John Mcafee


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