Dear John,

Of course, should you or a member of your team read this email personally, I must say first and foremost that I greatly appreciate your time, and if you have the additional time to respond, it would make a great difference in my life. The paragraph below is purely context and explaining my situation, so feel free to skip to the paragraph below.

I am a high school student (starting senior year next month) and attending a private day school. I have been in a platonic/vaguely sexual relationship with a boy, also in high school, for several months now. I would like to buy him femboy gear (cute dresses, chokers, handcuffs, etc.) online and have them sent to his house, but until school starts and until I can get some shitty minimum wage job at Dunkin Donuts or other near my school's campus, I am broke as ever. I took a $100 Amazon gift card and bought a few things for my femboy in Cali last night, but I'd much prefer to have real money, especially with the perk of having surplus profits for myself.

I'd like to start selling street drugs—ideally weed, nicotine, and less "hard" pills like ritalin, but I don't have any limits—and with my living situation, this would be a relatively safe way to make a profit while staying under the radar from parents and law enforcement. I'm contacting you in search of advice on becoming a full-time dealer (aside from attending day school), and if not that, then of your top tips on making a quick and reliable profit with Bitcoin. I personally have no understanding or knowledge regarding cryptocurrency, and I'm sure I could learn all I'd need to know on YouTube and such, so I won't waste any of your time asking for a beginner's guide. However, if you do have any tips or tricks for making a profit comparable to or exceeding the profit of selling drugs with Bitcoin, whatever you have on hand would be more than appreciated.

If I have been unclear about my requests, or if you have any questions, feel free to inquire.


I cannot possibly advise drug dealing as a profession for you. As a femboy you will be viewed as easy prey by your thug competitors. Dealing drugs in the street is a rough business, and your chances of survival beyond a few months would be slim.

As for Bitcoin, the only chance for success these days is in building technical support products, a task for which I suspect you are unprepared.

To be entirely frank with you, my advice, given your constraints of time frames and profitability, is to snatch purses from old ladies.

They frequently walk alone and have no strength to resist, therefore your risk of harm is low.

Their voices are weak, thus their calls for help cannot be heard for long distances, so your chances of getting away without getting caught are high. In any case you are young and can get away quickly.

Old ladies seldom use credit cards and therefore always carry cash. In addition, they unaccountably keep jewelry and other valuables in their purses - they carry their small and most valuable possessions with them for safekeeping.

Given what you have told me, I believe this is your quickest path to financial security.

As a warning: never attempt to forcibly remove jewelry being worn by the old ladies. More likely than not they are keepsake items from deceased husbands, estranged children or departed friends. The women will frequently fight tooth and nail to prevent you from taking them.

Good luck to you and If I can help you further please don't hesitate to contact me.

John Mcafee


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