Introducing The No Sugar Podcast with Janice McAfee and Rob Loggia

Monday, October 17, 2022
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The past several years have seen the unprecedented rise of extreme negativity. Much of this is not without cause, and there is good reason for people to be focusing on the many dangers post-modernity has brought to the fore. It is important work, often thankless and always exhausting, but it brings the risk of a horrible side effect: it is easy to become absorbed and, ultimately, defined by it. If we allow this to take root, we risk compromising our own humanity and becoming the evil we swore to destroy.

Balance is of course the antidote to this extreme, and when things seem at their worst is when we must work the hardest to maintain it. All of this factored into the design of our new podcast, The No Sugar Podcast, featuring Janice McAfee and myself as hosts. When we first discussed doing a show together, we both stipulated that it should be something different – and that we would make something that people need to see rather than merely what people expect of us or would like to see us do.

What we came up with was partially inspired by a project of former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne: Reasons to be Cheerful. Here, Byrne highlights things that he sees as positive things happening in the world. While we may not all agree with Byrne on what is positive or not in every case, the idea itself is a good one. Combine this concept with some of our own observations, and you have the tone and flavor of The No Sugar Podcast. Here, we will be talking to people that are putting a plan into action rather than merely talking smack.

Neither Janice or myself is new to the media industry or the public arena. We have both participated in political campaigns, activism, artistic endeavors and commercial activity in the past, and appreciate how difficult it can be to get attention on something new. In a world drowning in opinions, we can’t all be heard. But those that have put in the work and the effort to turn an idea into reality and, hopefully, make something better in the world deserve some attention. And it is up to people that have built a platform of some kind to give it to them.

In selecting guests for the show, our only criteria will be that a person or group is working on something that has seen significant progress. Rather than discussing opinions or ideas, we’re discussing results, and hopefully helping to amplify those results. We’ll talk about the struggles and obstacles they faced and how people can support or enjoy their work, focusing as much as possible on the human aspects of the process.

We also want to try breaking new ground, so in addition to the usual audio and video podcast formats, we will also be entering the VR space, providing an immersive viewing experience for viewers of our show that own VR gear like the Oculus or Vive. This is an exciting time for VR, when the balance of affordability, usability and quality are coming to a nexus. By targeting VR as a first-class avenue for podcast distribution, we are acknowledging this progress and meeting it with our own contribution to this growing ecosystem.

We are extremely excited to get started. We hope some people will like it, but we are doing this as much for ourselves as for our audience and guests. We both have experienced great pain and loss over the previous few years. Our work to create something wonderful is also work to keep us both sane and free from the abyss of despair this life can inspire at times. It will be a breath of fresh air to speak with people that are building, creating and improving. We hope you will join us and, if you yourself are doing something great, come on our show and share the fruits of your labors with our audience. Don’t be shy… we don’t bite most of the time.

To be a guest on The No Sugar Podcast, please send an email introducing yourself and briefly explaining your work, to



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