The 2022 Relaunch is Underway

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
thoughts | rob

I’m thrilled to announce the relaunch of LoggiaOnFire with a new look and new focus. This site started it’s life in 2015 as a newsletter/blog for Vote The Protest, a campaign to encourage non-voters to outvote regular voters and elect non-politicians to office. In 2017, I rebranded as LoggiaOnFire Magazine, shifting the focus to news and current events related to freedom, technology, cryptocurrency and culture. Unfortunately, health issues compelled me to cease publishing the magazine in 2020, and the site has been dead ever since.

The period of time covering 2020-2022 has been a difficult and painful one for me. I’ve lost several dear friends and my health became so poor at points that, if I’m being honest, I did not expect to be here to write this today. I am no stranger to loss, and I am also no stranger to being near death. This will count as the 4th occasion I’ve stared death in the face. However, so much all at once is bound to have an impact on a person, and I am no exception. While these 2 years haven’t changed who I am, fundamentally, they have modified my perspective on some things.

In contemplating the revival of this site, these changes in perspective came to the fore. I wanted to try some new things, like movie and product reviews, without locking into a new format. I wanted the result to be more personal, and to showcase some of the things I’ve done and share some of what I seem to have learned. I do hope that people enjoy the result, but the reality is that this time I am doing this for me.

One thing that has not changed is my commitment to using whatever meager platform I build to amplify and elevate others. People that have ideas that I agree with or believe to be important. People that have created something that I have enjoyed or that in some other way has added value to my life. Or, in some cases, people that I simply just like for my own reasons.

Few that “make it” in any way are willing to use their platform in this manner, and I think that stinks. Some even actively work to pull the ladder up before others can grab it. Those people really stink. I certainly haven’t “made it” by any reasonable definition, but I have achieved some circulation and a small but loyal following. The Good Ship Venus may be but a rowboat, but one of my guilty pleasures is sharing that rowboat with kindred souls as I find and identify them.

LoggiaOnFireMagazine content has been retained in it’s own section - Features. I still plan on publishing feature pieces, but they will no longer be the focus of the site. I expect this informal blog, Thoughts/ That’s What He Said, to be the most active section. Most of my long form writing will appear here, and I am setting no boundaries on length, topics or focus. My hope is that this will allow me to write more, with greater spontaneity, on a wider range of subjects and in a more personal fashion.

Additionally, 3 more topic-focused blogs will round out the lineup. The first will be a review of some of the campaigns I have participated in as an activist. The second is the Reliquary, a section that will feature a review of historical documents from my personal collection. Finally, Loggia’s Whisky Cabinet will detail some of the many whiskys I’ve sampled down the years, along with my assessment.

Content updates will be shared on my Twitter account, so consider following me there if you don’t already. To support my work, please enjoy it if you can, share what you do enjoy, and check back often.



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