Acceptable Content

We will publish researched articles, opinion pieces, free-form writing, poetry, fiction... basically anything that can be constructed with words. While submissions that fit into one of the topline Magazine Categories are preferred, content on other subjects will be considered. If you are in doubt as to whether your work qualifies for publication, submitting a proposal is the easiest way to find out.

Content must be your own work, and you must have the legal right to publish your submission. You are not required to publish exclusively on Loggiaonfire, but you must not disregard other arrangements you may have made. We will not be responsible for any contracts you violate. Once you agree to publish here, you agree not to make contracts with other parties that would require the removal of your work from LoggiaOnFire Magazine.

Required Formats

LoggiaOnFire Magazine publishes a headshot and bio with each content presentation, so you must include these with your final submission.

Please use this form to submit proposals ONLY. If we are interested in your concept, an email address will be provided for content submissions and revisions. You may use whatever format is comfortable to submit your work.


At LoggiaOnFire Magazine, alternative perspectives are valued and appreciated. Alternate or even opposing viewpoints from the general tone of our publication will be considered for publication subject to the same quality requirements as any other submission. A statement accompanying all guest submissions will make clear that all opinions belong to the author. Do not feel discouraged if you have never agreed with a single word Rob Loggia has written. You can still get published in LoggiaOnFire Magazine if your work meets quality expectations.


Quality only permits subjective measurement, and LoggiaOnFire Magazine is published by Rob Loggia. Therefore, the determination as to whether a particular piece of work is eligible for publication will be made by Rob Loggia and the editorial staff. That determination is fair subject for discussion and persuasion, but not dispute. Nobody has any right to be published, so the best thing would be to accept that all decisions will be arbitrary and final. You will then be happy when you receive better treatment than that - our goal is to get great stuff published, not to discourage future rock stars by turning them away.

However, here is a tip.

To Rob Loggia, one of the most important properties used to assess quality for things like essays, articles or opinion pieces is internal consistency. By all means feel free to theorize, give wild opinions and speculate. This is how new ideas are discovered. You should feel free to disagree with every single person alive, but you need to agree with at least yourself in order for your work to be considered for publication. In fact, if your arguments contradict themselves, perhaps you ought to reconsider writing things down until you've had more time to sort them out upstairs. It is a waste of people's time to present content that contradicts its own arguments down the page.


It is expected that all submissions will have been subjected to basic editing for spelling and grammar. You might receive suggested enhancements prior to publication, subject to your approval, but we do not provide general editing services. Submissions that would be returned to a student in high school will be returned from us as well, with an exception made in cases where errors or rule-breaking form part of the expression.


All submissions must be accompanied by a disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest that the public should potentially be made aware of. If we decide a transparency statement is called for, we will notify you prior to publication. There are no hard rules here - comply with all applicable laws and use good judgement to determine the rest. If you're wondering if a particular piece of information is worth disclosing, disclose it and we can work together to reach an objective determination.


Please note that LoggiaOnFire Magazine will consider compensation for exclusive content, content from authors with an established brand or audience, content from authors that have been substantially published by recognized media outlets, or other work that is in some way deemed to be exceptional.

If your submission does not meet these criteria, we are still happy to publish your work gratis as long as it meets baseline standards.


All authors retain the rights to their work, but are required to grant LoggiaOnFire Magazine a perpetual, royalty-free license to publish and distribute any submitted work on this website and in promotional materials for this site. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms, please do not submit your proposal.

All authors also retain the responsibilities, legal and otherwise, for their work. You, and you alone, are responsible for any consequences arising from the publication of your submission.

Submission Form

Please fill out all sections as completely as possible.