The Crypto Community Needs To Stop Eating Our Own

The success and future of cryptocurrency will be measured by our ability and willingness to stop corruption. What freedoms our children will have, depend on what courage we are willing to show. We should have no fear of reprisal from those who rely on cowardly tactics to achieve success. It is anybody's right to hide behind a screen and scheme for notoriety, or to remain anonymous while bashing the opposition. However, the crypto community must express this right along with the utmost responsibility. What if your actions are hurting the community?

Division within the ranks is the best possible outcome for an opposing force because they no longer have to work to defeat you. We defeat ourselves daily. Imagine if our small but powerful crypto army united as one; remembering why we are here in the first place. Crypto warriors focusing the same energy that we use to battle amongst ourselves, but instead on the institutional corruption that created the need for cryptocurrency in the first place. Remember?

Before we can do this, we must fix the problems within. Take a look at where we are at: Good exchanges are becoming obsolete because no one will stand up to the bad ones. Accounts are arbitrarily frozen, assets turn up missing, and in most cases, you can’t even find an address or any means to contact a human being. And these companies are asking us to trust them with our funds!

The emotional rollercoaster of being on an exchange turns many people away from crypto. The excitement of doubling your money overnight is indescribable but there are no words for the frustration of not being able to sell because your account is frozen!

Imagine any other legitimate business operating this way.

We have hundreds and hundreds of emails with screenshots and support tickets that unequivocally prove exchanges are stealing millions of dollars a day. Social media is cluttered with complaints from customers of these exchanges, asking why their funds have been taken. I have received hundreds of emails with complaints and support tickets explaining how an exchange stole their funds.

Here is an example complaint, one of hundreds just like it:

Instead of attacking these corrupt institutions, people are instead attacking those with good intentions. These people claim to want more people to adopt cryptocurrency, yet they attack a product designed to make the safekeeping of our digital assets easy.

This is lunacy, especially considering the sheer numbers of thefts happening every day. People are staying away fro cryptocurrency because the community has offered them solutions that are either difficult to use, easy to use wrong, or insecure by design. So why look for ways to attack a company that is trying to solve this important problem?

Team McAfee supports Bitfi and believes that their wallet technology is far superior to anything on the market. I receive about fifty to one hundred requests per week asking if John McAfee will endorse, partner or market a certain product. I require Team McAfee to be extremely critical of any product we consider. Do you really think we would support such a claim as "unhackable" and not stand 100% behind it?

John McAfee's 72 years of experience allows Team McAfee the luxury of choosing only the best partners. I have a responsibility to uphold the highest standard and to carry the burden of delivering the McAfee stamp of approval. John McAfee knows what he is doing and he doesn't have to prove it.

Team McAfee was recently the victim of a massive theft. Fortunately, a portion of our holdings was on the company Bitfi wallet. Ironically, the same team member entrusted with our treasury vehemently attacked the Bitfi Wallet. He told me our funds were going to be stolen and he was right. But not from the Bitfi Wallet – instead he stole them by violating our trust.

The banking institutions do not have a chance against us if we circle the wagons, defend, consolidate and go on the offensive. But the joke will be on us if we continue to use nonsensical attacks against people acting in good faith. stand up and choose ways that will unite rather than divide. Save that energy for the bad guys.

Jimmy Watson
Jimmy Watson
Jimmy Watson is the CEO of Team McAfee. Watson is a former U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper and United States Marine Team Leader with over 17 years combined leadership experience.During the course of his service, he completed over 400 high-level combat missions. He graduated BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School), one of the most challenging special operations courses in the world. He also successfully completed many other advanced training programs, including team leadership courses, SEAL Delivery Vehicle pilot training, and mission specialist training.