By John McAfee

Breaking news in Belize yesterday claimed some very serious allegations against Showtime for inducing people to fabricate stories for their documentary "Gringo", naturally about myself:

But don't take their word for it. I have my own, much more damning case.

For the past 30 years my life has been one long, tedious battle with the press. Beginning in 1987, when I was battling computer viruses, the press was claiming that viruses would never be a problem and that my paranoia was the real problem.

Five years later viruses were wreaking havoc throughout the world. By then the press had forgotten their original problem with me and had moved on with more fruitful topics. But the label "Paranoid" has been with me ever since. 90% of every article written about me since 1987 has included the word "Paranoid"

Then, in 2012, Jeff Wise ran an article in Gizmodo headlined: "John McAfee Wanted For Murder". It was totally false.

In spite of the fictitious attribution, I have lived under the cloud of "possible murderer" ever since. Once an image is burned into the consciousness of the public, it cannot be eradicated. A full 75% of all articles written about me since 2012 have included the word "murder".

From the time that Jeff Wise falsely accused me of being wanted for murder, there's not been one article written about my time in Belize that was not sensationalized and over exaggerated.

Jeff has now produced an alleged documentary about my time in Belize that escalates my title to "Serial Killer" and "Rapist". It is being aired on Showtime on the 24th.

I first heard that Jeff was doing a documentary about me in the fall of last year. Given the fact that Jeff has demonized me in multiple articles it caused me focus very closely.

Jeff bears such ill will toward me that his hatred frequently overrides his better judgment. Just prior to the premiere of Gringo he unwisely tweeted:

Jeff clearly was not thinking about the near unlimited power the SEC has to make life miserable for whomever they target.

When Jeff and director Nanette Burstein First arrived in Belize I began getting calls from friends all saying pretty much the same thing: "I was contacted by Nanette Burstein who said that she knew that John McAfee had committed multiple crimes in Belize and that she would pay handsomely If I would go on camera and verify what she already knew". It was a creative approach. I countered by having friends reach out to the people that Nanette interviewed to ask them if they would agree to discuss, on camera, how their interview with Jeff's team came about and why they said whatever they said.

Cassian Chavaria, who in Showtime's documentary connected me to the murder of Gregory Faul, chastised Showtime for paying him to tell lies.

Two of my ex-girlfriends, who appear in the documentary, can be seen in this video describing similar relationships with Nanette.

There are 10 additional people who were interviewed by Nanette or who were contacted by Nanette and offered money, went on film saying exactly the same thing.

In addition, nine people filed sworn statements stating that Showtime paid them to lie. Link coming

Nanette will say that I paid or coerced these people to tell lies about her. But I ask you to view the passionate video of Cassian again. The raw honesty of his outpouring is clear.

However, there will be no closure with Nanette until hard evidence is provided. She insists strongly that she never paid any of the people that she interviewed and it is her word against mine and thirty other people. Nanette is shockingly believable when she lies and the press actually believes her against hoarded of contrary testimonials. Fortunately, Nanette's world class naiveté saved the day for me. I am now ready to present this:

The beauty of Western Union is that both parties to a transaction are required to provide proof of identity. So... unless Nanette can somehow convince the world that I managed to get Western Union to lie for me, which given Nanette's world class talents in fabricating her own and others' realities, cannot absolutely be ruled out, then I think it's game over.

But enough of Nanette. Success for her in the future will probably be measured by how many people she greets at Walmart each week. Unless, of course, by this time tomorrow the world firmly believes that my Satanic powers extend to forcing Western Union to lie about Nanette.

I understand Jeff Wise's motivation for destroying me. It is a personal hatred. I do not understand Nanette's motivation. A little research, however will uncover the fact that she has in the past entirely fabricated documentaries.
Whatever the motivation. it is entirely clear that "Gringo" is a fabrication from beginning to end. Full documentation that most interviewees were paid to fabricate a narrative, including sworn statements from Belizean officials, can be found here.

The third player in this travesty is Allison Adonizio, who accuses me of rape. This is a sad story.

I first met Allison, in late 2009, on an Island off the coast of Belize that I was considering buying. She told me about the new Science of bacterial Quorum Sensing and said that she wanted to do research on jungle plants that might have anti-quorum sensing properties that could be used to create a new paradigm in the field of antibiotics. I was excited by the prospects and agreed to build a lab for her on my property on the New River - in the heart of the Belizean Jungle.

When she moved to Belize and began working in the lab, however, I discovered that my judgment was way off base.

Allison turned out to be far more interested in partying than in doing actual work. She would not show up at the lab for days at a time. When she did show up she was hungover and generally useless. After many months of this, I finally fired her, upon which she went berserk, locked herself in the lab, destroyed what limited research we had created, and left. This was in 2010. I never saw her again.

But the people in Belize who knew her tell the story far better than I.

I am assuming she continued her affair with Jeff Wise after leaving Belize. They made no secret of it while they were there and the affair was common knowledge.

Now… here is my problem: Who could possibly believe that Showtime/CBS/Murdock would engage in such Shenanigans? I wouldn't. No reasonable person would. I don't expect my readers to believe it.

So what could possibly explain this? Very little short of quantum effects is going to work.

What if I were to tell you that Jeff Wise is in league with one of the most corrupt governments on Earth, Belize.

What if I also told you that the man he is working with within Belize was at the time the head of Belize's GSU, one of the most brutal paramilitary forces in the world, responsible for uncountable tortures, mutilations and murders: Marco Vidal.

This same man, by the way, is my archenemy. He is the man who invaded my property in 2012; shot my dog; destroyed a half million dollars worth of my Property, and ... the man I outed after returning to the States. (This is one of many issues about Mr. Vidal that I helped bring to light). He would pluck out his own eyes to get me back to Belize and sitting in his torture chair.

Preposterous! Yes indeed. Entirely so. I had a hard time believing it myself. But consider this: When Jeff wrote the utterly fallacious headline "John McAfee Wanted For Murder" in Gizmodo, he quoted one source. Yes. Yes. Marco Vidal. Mr. Vidal at that time had nothing whatsoever to do with any investigative authority in Belize, or anywhere else. He was fully occupied torturing and maiming people. Jeff said he received an email from him informing him of the charges.

Now….. for those thoughtful folks among you: Mr. Vidal did not email the New York Times, or the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal. He didn't even notify any Belizean publication (they would not have printed it, knowing who he was). He didn't even write a blog post. No. Of the five plus billion people on the planet, he chose Jeff Wise as the sole carrier of that falsehood. Why? Anyone else would have checked Vidal's credentials and no story would have been written.

My first question was: How the hell did he find an email address for a man he had never met. I didn't know Jeff's email and he had written a dozen articles about me at the time.

I'm not a smart man, but even I can see the strangeness of this. If there are any true investigative reporters left, please contact me and I will give you the full story with full documentation. I've been collecting information and waiting for this opportunity for years. I want to sit back peacefully and fish while I watch Jeff dance to the same tune he has been making me dance to for seven years.

Jeff, once again, let his hatred of me override his common sense. If he had been thinking, he would simply have made up a name as his source. It wouldn't have mattered. And I would never have been motivated to look deeper. I, obviously, was the only person in the world who checked the facts, or else Jeff's story would instantly have been quashed. At that time I was on the run and couldn't have cared less.

Marco Vidal wants me desperately. Jeff is his acquisition tool. Jeff chose Nanette as director because she had a successful history of creating fake documentaries. A smart choice. Showtime is simply a naive and innocent party to this. No-one checked the back story. Although they still will owe me a retirement complete with private island and mega yacht.

Please, Showtime, show some grace and simply pay me without the formality of having to deal with lawyers. I will accept $500 million. Thank you.

John McAfee

John McAfee is a world reknown computer scientist, activist, business leader and cryptocurrency evangelist with a career that spans nearly the entire history of computing. He has witten several books, and has been published in Newsweek, The International Business Times, Digital Trends and countless other publications.

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