Yesterday evening John McAfee took to Twitter and announced that I would be his Campaign Manager for his 2020 run for the Presidency. For those wondering what this means, keep reading. I have accepted the challenge and intend to wage a vigorous, unconventional campaign to earn John a spot on the national stage, and secure real-life, human Americans an unprecedented voice against whomever the power parties nominate, and the nonsense they inevitably spew forth like vomit onto the commons.

The process will not be entirely new to me. I participated in the 2016 campaign, first on the sidelines and later working alongside Tiffany Madison, who took over as Campaign Manager for the last mile after Chris Thrasher took a dive. She inherited a mess and crafted it into something we could all, despite the outcome, be proud to have been a part of. Two years later, I still hear from people who tell me that campaign, and John’s message, changed their lives for the better.

I learned a lot from this experience, but make no mistake – nothing to render me qualified for the position of Campaign Manager as most people would define it. I am ill-equipped to run a “better” campaign than the other candidates under either the written or unspoken, implicit rules. I am unwilling to feign respectability while smearing opponents, unwilling to define legitimacy in the eyes of tyrants as my goal and, at the end of the day, unwilling to take a stab at fooling the greatest number of active voters, a minority of the population, all to win the office of President - an empty prize that serves only to distract people further. I fully and freely admit that I wouldn’t be the man for this, if for no other reason than lack of interest.

Thankfully, the job I have been asked to do is much more fulfilling than that, though also much more difficult. My job is to introduce the American people - all of them - to John McAfee and therefore to better ideas and new ways of thinking. To pry their eyes open, as appears to be necessary for many individuals. The American political ecosystem has evolved into a twisted circus of hate and parody, and when we participate under the terms demanded, we risk losing fundamental elements of our humanity. When we lose touch with our own humanity, we also start seeing others as less human, as caricatures. And we act accordingly, resulting in what we see today. It is a horrible cycle that is destroying what is left of our society, and we aim to break it through radical means.

John has already hinted at the unconventional nature of his message and campaign. He has offered, if by some lark he was to win the office, to step down in favor of Vermin Supreme, a sentiment I wholeheartedly support. After all, tyranny with clean teeth and ponies is better than what we have now: tyranny amidst dental chaos and without ponies. Baby steps.

John has also revealed that he will be heavily featuring cryptocurrency during his campaign, and if that sounds like a sideshow or an ulterior motive to you, think again.

Cryptocurrencies, and the associated technologies and platforms emerging around them, deliver on a promise that, some 50 years in, the Libertarian Party has been unable to gain significant ground on. That is: real, tangible increased freedom in our lifetime. Because of physics, these technologies work despite legislation, not because of it. People can use them, today, to become more free, even under the worst conditions of state oppression.

This is significant, very significant if viewed in the context of the conventional challenges of history. And it turns out the technology can do a whole lot more than that. We intend to showcase it all, while at the same time laying bare the absurdity of the present solutions to political and social problems, most of which are created by government to begin with.

But our most important mission is to remind people, fundamentally, what Freedom looks like and why it is vital to the human condition. Because we have forgotten, collectively. Our system is driven by fear, contempt, jealousy and greed. But while we are all, by virtue of our humanity, capable of such horrible drives, we are all also equally capable of acting with courage, and with love, humility and charity. We can and should do so proudly, boldly, and without apology. This is the core of John’s life-learned message as I understand it. And this will be our hammer.

It will be a long road. But I am a stubborn, creative and resourceful man with a pretty thick skin. My operating philosophy is simple enough. We must all follow the law or face the consequences. But the rules are a different story. Those can be bent, broken and discarded if need be, and the consequences of that frankly don’t bother me. You can’t please everyone, and I don’t try to. I will, however, prove tireless and ruthless in my effort to help John gain their full attention. This is the metric for success; anything short of this is failure and anything beyond it, gravy.

These are my qualifications, and why I am the perfect man for the job John has in mind.

Even prior to the campaign announcement earlier this year, already support, offers of help, and requests for information were pouring in. All of these are being saved for when we get the campaign underway in earnest. What we hope to accomplish will not be possible without help, and every single offer, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is greatly appreciated.

2016 was unlike any election process to date. Everybody knows that the whole thing went off script. Both the establishment players and uptight, frightened everyday people that still believe in the system and the process can’t stand it. I feel maybe a little sorry for them, because in reality that experience was rather tame, and the anti-hero rather lame. If we have our way, 2016 will be nothing compared to what America and the world will witness and live through in 2020. And perhaps from the smoking ruins of the toxic modern political process, we can find the beginnings of a future worth living in.

Rob Loggia

Rob Loggia is the founder of LoggiaOnFire Magazine. He has been published in the International Business Times UK, Digital Trends and on numerous online blogs and platforms.

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