What has become of America's glorious democracy? It is simple: thieves have stolen our system of voting. Two competing gangs, whose members have sworn allegiance to a nearly religious set of rigid ideologies, have forced us to choose between two candidates that have been pre-selected by the gangs’ members. Voting for anyone other than one of these two, while seemingly allowed, will result in a wasted vote. The gangs’ reaches are long and they will allow no one else in their territory. Membership in one of these gangs, which we may freely move between is encouraged, but not required. Even non-members may only vote for one of the two gangs. There are only two people who are allowed to win. Voting for anyone other than one of these two is, in effect, the equivalent of not voting.

These two gangs have done what all gangs do: use their power to steal from the people and do whatever they damn well please with the proceeds. The theft, of course, is perpetrated by the government which they jointly have created. How did they create it? By using their power to modify our constitution, not by amendments but by regulations and laws that have undercut and weakened it. These regulations have been ratified by a Supreme Court that is effectively controlled by one gang and then by the other. This gang controlled government has grown by leaps and bounds into the existing monster that reflects an opulant gang life style more than anything else. The government's original intent to be the people's servant has been irretrievably lost.

This system is supported by all of us. Our indifference and laziness has created it and our blind acceptance of its flawed voting system has perpetuated it. When we vote, we are complicit in the system. Please understand this. We are voting for one of two gangs whose least concern is carrying out the will of the people. They have stolen our power to vote and yet have convinced us that we still have it.

By not voting you will not change the system. The system will not notice nor will it care. But it will change you. You will change from a willing participant in a system of corruption and madness into a potential player in a movement for real change.

America is not it's government. It is the land and the people who call this land home. Our home has been invaded by a monster of our own creation. Will you quietly pass this monster on to your children and grandchildren? If so I cannot help you nor can you help me.

I am running for Potus for the second time. I have no interest in being President, nor, in any same world, would that be a possibility. I am running to access the National Stage from which I may have my say. If I manage to wake up only a few, that is a beginning.

One of my campaign slogans, from the twisted mind of my campaign manager Rob Loggia, will be “Don't Vote For McAfee”. I'm not trying to win anyway and not trying to get votes will make my campaign the most inexpensive in America's history. I would ask you whether there are others you might also want to not vote for.

John McAfee

John McAfee is a world reknown computer scientist, activist, business leader and cryptocurrency evangelist with a career that spans nearly the entire history of computing. He has witten several books, and has been published in Newsweek, The International Business Times, Digital Trends and countless other publications.

If control’s control is absolute why does control need to control?

William S. Burroughs