One of the most polarizing issues facing societies all over the world is the rising costs associated with healthcare, and the level of access these costs permit to different segments of the population. Universal healthcare for all is something that a lot of people talk about, but when it comes to how to actually make it happen we find a dearth of real world ideas outside of taxing everyone to death. The team behind the Docademic ICO believes there are better solutions, and have been busy building a platform to get humanity closer to the elusive dream of attainable universal access.

Many ICO token sales are started to raise the revenue required to build the platform that is expected to give the token long-term value. This chicken-and-egg situation can make it difficult for investors to be sure that they are investing wisely. After all, how can we gauge the success of a platform that does not yet exist? How do we know that what we are being pitched is even possible?

Docademic stands out in this crowd because the team is offering a token, MTC, that will be used on a platform that already exists and that is used in 20 countries by thousands of patients and doctors. This platform consists of a suite of tools and apps including the world’s largest social network for doctors and a free AI-assisted Video Telemedicine service.

Taken together, what the Docademic team has backing their token offering is a platform that is already providing free basic healthcare to patients throughout the world that would otherwise have access to none. That alone makes this token more exciting than many of the other flashier ICOs on the block. They are doing it – have been doing it – and are succeeding. As you are reading this, the AI-assisted Docademic platform is putting patients in contact with doctors in their own country. The chart below shows how their platform measures agains the competition in the space.


But they’ve been doing more than merely succeeding. They have also been building the foundations and relationships necessary for long term success and, crucially, for meeting the goals outlined in the whitepaper. The Docademic platform is already operating in highly regulated markets including the United States and Latin America. This team knows how to navigate these legally challenging waters and deliver a product that works.

The Docademic team is seeking to use ICO funding to improve and expand upon what already exists and is working. For example, adding blockchain protection and storage for patient data, making this data both instantly accessible to health care professionals while at the same time protecting this data from prying eyes. Security and access to patient data is one of the largest obstacles in the health care system. Docademic has the existing relationships to help make this transition possible and improve the situation for all.

The MTC token sale is currently open, and will be until February 28. Participation requires KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and is restricted in countries like China that have legal obstacles. You can learn more about the ICO on the project homepage and from reading the ICO whitepaper. The project, whitepaper and team have been vetted by Team McAfee and audited by CryptoConnection. When it comes to the potential for long term value and ROI, Docademic MTC is a token that stands out. Whether you invest in ICO tokens on a regular basis, or if you’re looking for a good first plunge to take, you won’t want to miss what’s happening at Docademic.

Rob Loggia

Rob Loggia is the founder of LoggiaOnFire Magazine. He has been published in the International Business Times UK, Digital Trends and on numerous online blogs and platforms.

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