What has become of America's glorious democracy? It is simple: thieves have stolen our system of voting.
After yet another disappointing election cycle, many Libertarians are asking: what are we doing wrong?
Spies operating on behalf of Nation States have been using hardware and software hacks to infiltrate intelligence networks of other Nation States for more than 25 years.
Last evening John McAfee took to Twitter and announced that I would be his Campaign Manager for his 2020 run for the Presidency. For those wondering what this means, keep reading.
By combining the security of brain storage with the usability benefits of live storage, Bitfi transcends the concept of a wallet that must be guarded while at the same time liberating the user from complexity.
The Twittersphere was awash with lilliputian glee today as word spread that the original “Bitcoin” account, owned by Roger Ver, had been suspended.
One Cryptocurrency To Rule Them All

by 1664875800 | November 25, 2017

As a recent convert to Cryptocurrencianism, the first thing that came into my field of view as I started to explore this new universe was, predictably, Bitcoin.
John McAfee Storms The Blockchain

by 1664875800 | November 8, 2017

One word that nobody can escape from these days was hardly known outside exclusive circles only last year. This word is blockchain, and the technology that it denotes is spreading throughout human society like the Borg.
The Billion Dollar Name

by 1664876553 | July 3, 2017

The dispute over a name that is both highly controversial as well as being allegedly worth billions has finally come to a conclusion.
Reality isn't always what it appears to be, especially when someone is deliberately manipulating the presentation of it. What do you think you know?
An important rift has resurfaced within the Libertarian Party, one of many that threaten to tear it apart.
The new Privacy Phone by John McAfee guarantees Privacy like no other smartphone can.
The Privacy Phone is an unprecedented new defensive weapon in the war against our privacy. Find out why.
Trump's Cybersecurity Policy

by 1664876551 | February 3, 2017

The most difficult fact for any Nation to accept, is the fact that that nation may be totally outmatched, in some critical field, by some foreign agency or organization.
I finally got around to watching the interrogation of FBI Director James Comey, which occurred on October 19th, by Congressman Jim Jordan.