Unpublished Analysis: McAfee On Assange

by 1664876551 | October 7, 2022

John McAfee's thoughts on the Julian Assange controversy, written September 24th, 2019 but not published until now.
The second chapter in an upcoming unauthorized autobiography by John McAfee.
The first chapter in an upcoming unauthorized autobiography by John McAfee
The token on offer will trade under the symbol WHACKD
How I Found My Political Identity

by 1664876554 | October 7, 2019

Pursuance aims to attack the problem of the broken press on two fronts.
The Democrats held their first series of presidential debates for the 2020 election the other night, and already the ugly head of institutionalized resistance against genuine participation and choice has been alleged.
One of the sharpest tools in the shed is blockchain technology, the single most democratizing and empowering technology invention since the internet, and the printing press before that.
In one of the unfolding dramas of the Game of Thrones AAA farm league known as CryptoTwitter, Dr. Peter McCormack is now under fire from some members of the CryptoTwitterSphere for soliciting funding for his legal defense.
The McAfee campaign is using a version of the “Human Uber” concept, now offered in Asia as a way for people to expand their reach without traveling.
Howard Schultz had hadn’t even finished speaking when the opening salvo of criticism was hurled by a heckler at the longtime CEO of Starbucks.
One of the first things a visitor may notice upon visiting the McAfee 2020 campaign website is our succinct and non-itemized platform section, containing an essay written by the candidate, John McAfee.
In a rare show of sensible legislation, two U.S. congressmen have just introduced the bi-partisan “Token Taxonomy Act” in the House of Representatives.
10 Things Anyone Can Do To Help McAfee 2020

by 1664875800 | December 18, 2018

If you were wondering how to help John McAfee run for president in 2020, this list is for you.
There was a time when those in power required at least the pretense of lawful action before plundering the citizenry.