by Janice McAfee

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Finally, after two long years, the Barcelona courts have given their decision: they will not be releasing John's autopsy report. The reason given for their refusal is that they feel all procedures were followed correctly and therefore there is no need for them to release the autopsy report. Basically their response is "trust us bro, John died how we say he died". It is strange to me that this is the only document that is being withheld. It took more than six months after John's death to receive his death certificate but we did eventually receive it. I also received the toxicology report as well as the report from the prison's investigation into his death but they continue to refuse to release their autopsy report.

I know there will be some of you who ignorantly say there is no autopsy report because there is no body, and I guess I can understand how someone could come to this conclusion. We are talking about John McAfee, a man well known for evading authorities and faking a heart attack. No doubt some of you will point to the flippant comment made by John's ex-girlfriend in the Netflix documentary as evidence of him still being alive. There is no one on this planet that wants John to be alive more than myself. Absolutely no one. However, I was the one who was tasked with identifying his remains and I am sure that it was John.

The fact that the courts have refused to release John's autopsy report, while also refusing to release his remains, tells me that there is clearly something they do not want known. There have been statements made to the press by officials with the Instituto Anatomico Forense de Barcelona en la Ciudad de la Justicia, where John's body is being held, stating they stand by the results of the autopsy. So why then are they not willing to release the report? If John's death was a suicide, as it has been reported, why are the courts refusing to release his autopsy report?

I should not have to take someone's word about the circumstances of how John died. The autopsy report simply needs to be released.

I have heard many times that time heals all wounds, but for me I have not found this to be true at all. With this situation being an ongoing one, the loss of John is still very fresh for me. Normally when a loved one dies there is a funeral that happens right away, which begins the healing process through an opportunity to say goodbye. To make peace with the loss of that loved one.

How can healing begin when John's body is still being held in a morgue?