Unpublished Analysis: McAfee On Assange

by 1664876551

Friday, October 7, 2022
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The following piece was written by John McAfee on September 24th, 2019 but never published. It has been generously supplied to LoggiaOnFire by his wife Janice, so that people can better understand John’s feelings on this controversy, which has again come to the fore.

Has Julian Assange been psychologically tortured? I have no real facts to go on, other than the certainty that the ideological system that animates the American Government would demand it if it could. Not to punish Julian, the last 7 years of hell he has endured should be punishment enough, but because it is necessary that his mind be unhinged in order to fit in with the government's attempt to fully discredit him, which it must if it is to escape the growing idea that it is corrupt to the core and more digging is necessary.

In a world controlled by a self serving ideology, the greatest crimes are acts that might create change in the relationship between people and their governments. Any change in that relationship threatens the existing power structure. The most violent responses from any entity, including collections of people, are invariably caused by the entity's perception that it's existence is threatened. This is what is happening. The government feels threatened, and will do whatever necessary - including the criminalization of harmless acts, enforcement of ridiculous rules, diluting of standards for arrests and convictions, and the twisting and perversion of laws.

What Julian Assange did, was to raise awareness in a large number of people about possible, even likely, government corruption. People who had never thought to look to see if there was a problem suddenly awoke and faced an ugly possibility - our government serves itself at our expense. Our common good might be decided by people whose interests are not our own.

With enough scrutinizing eyes of the populace focused on these allegations, the government was facing a likely change in its relationship to the people.

There is only escape for our government: it can discredit both the perpetrator (Julian), and the substance of the allegations stemming from the perpetrator's actions.

Imagine an incoherent, paranoid Julian at his trial, which is certain to be televised: unable to answer even the simplest questions; unable to explain his actions or to defend the validity of the information he collected and released. A shell of a human being. Imagine what that image might convey to his hoards of followers and believers. Certainly pity, to some degree. But more important - a subconscious modification of his image - a blending of what little they can remember of Julian with the stark image of him in the present, will occur. To what degree the mental derangement will take precedence will depend on how deftly the government handles this pullback from the precipice of unravelment.

Hand in hand with publicly displaying a non-functional Julian, I fully expect the government to begin its disinformation campaign to discredit both the authenticity and the factual contents of the documents. In most cases this would be sufficient to calm the populace.

But what If the people believe that Julian was psychologically tortured by the government, for the sole purpose of discrediting him? Well …. That's a different story and one which might irrevocably change the relationship between the people and our government in a way that benefits the people way more than the Government.

With this in mind, shouldn't we be spending every ounce of our energy determining the truth of these allegations?