Howard Schultz Should Run Like His Hair is on Fire

by 1664875800

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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Howard Schultz had hadn’t even finished speaking when the opening salvo of criticism was hurled by a heckler at the longtime CEO of Starbucks, who announced that he was considering an independent run for the presidency in 2020. “Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical billionaire asshole!” Eloquent? Perhaps not. But have no fear – the calvary was already coming to deliver the same message in a “more professional” manner. And that message is clear: the Establishment does not want Schultz to run

To anyone that isn't sleepwalking through life, their reasoning should sound very familiar, despite the casting of a new villain in the form of Donald Trump. For though there can be little doubt that Establishment types genuinely despise Donald Trump, the idea that additional candidates outside of the nominees from the two Establishment parties would split the vote is not new. In fact, one side or the other rolls it out every single election cycle. It is the argument used against 3rd parties, the argument used against Ross Perot, and has been used to scare countless others off the field.

It is also a lie.

A shopworn lie, but one that many still appear to accept without any thought. The lie rests upon an insulting proposition: that only one of two anointed candidates is entitled to be President, and no one else. The reason that it is a lie is that it follows from circular reasoning. For we are told that only the Democratic or Republican candidates have the power to be elected, and this is why no one else should try. But the fly in the ointment is that these two parties only have this power because everyone else sits down.

This was proved by Ross Perot. His momentum prior to withdrawing from the race in 1992 was such as to represent a genuine threat to the Establishment parties. Looking at the math from that race, one can easy see that two or three Ross Perot's would render into dust the usual certainty of a Republican or Democrat winning the race. The last thing people seeking to control the game want to see is a wide field of candidates with bases of support and the resources to see it through to the end.

This is why the political system in the United States has been tweaked, over time in the manner of boiling a frog, to favor the two Establishment parties at the expense of all others. The deck has been stacked, using regulations and election "laws" that serve no purpose other than to eliminate choice in elections. This is much more effective than outlawing 3rd parties and independents - the claim can still be made that anyone is able to run. Able, perhaps, but clearly not welcome and certainly not on a level field.

This is why Howard Schultz should be encouraged in his effort. He absolutely should run, and absolutely should stick it out to the end, even if it appears he doesn't have enough support to win. And so should Kanye West. And Mark Cuban. And Akon. And Dwayne Johnson. Gentlemen, your country needs you. And it wouldn't hurt to see a few ladies up there too.

If something like this were to happen, the veil would inexorably fall, and the great lie would be apparent for all to see. The dilutive effect on the ballot would be so great as to wash out the advantage the two Establishment parties share by using the sheer force of math. It is also likely that voter turnout would reach an all-time high. What this means is that despite the outcome, the first steps would have been taken towards achieving something resembling a functional Republic.

The good news is that all of this appears to be inevitable. Analysts expect a wide field for the Democratic primary, despite the fact that party leadership is actively working to prevent this. If Trump decides and is able to run again, we may be treated to the unusual spectacle of challenges to the incumbent in the Republican party. All hell is breaking loose, and they know it. It is bad news for the control freaks, but good news for the American People.

Which leads us back to the shameful, anti-democratic treatment Mr. Schultz has received. As a citizen seeking to do his civic duty, he deserves praise, not cries for him to sit down and shut up. And since few others will say it, he may have to settle for some words of encouragement from John McAfee's crazy campaign manager. I support what you're doing, Mr. Schultz. And I encourage you to see it through to the end.



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